Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stupid cold weather

When I moved to Florida in 2000, it was to escape the cold. I hate cold. I don't particularly like snow. I like palm trees and a warm sun.

For the last 9 winters, Fort Lauderdale has been beautiful. The excessive heat of summer stops around September, and it's beautifully temperate through May. Only an occasional two or three day cold snap (40's) has interrupted that.

It seems this winter has been chilly since December. By chilly I mean 60s, so most of the rest of the country is saying "oh poor you". But seriously, 60° is too cold to work on the hot rod, or sit outside and enjoy a drink at the Tiki Bar.

I am officially ordering Mother Nature to wise up and warm things up. After all, my taxes pay her salary. So get on the ball, Mama. I expect 70s by tomorrow or there's going to be trouble.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Not enough hours in the day

Go to work, write, play the sax, play with the dog, pet the cat, talk to your wife, eat, sleep, work on the hot rod, go out, drink...Somehow it seems I used to be able to do a lot more stuff in a shorter amount of time!

Anyone remember the show "Harry O" from the 70s? He was a detective that lived on the beach...he had a boat that he was always fixing up, but it never went in the water. I've turned into that guy. My 53 Chevy hot rod has spent most of the last 10 years safely tucked away in  my garage, as I fix this, restore that, polish the other thing. Seems like I start on a project, two months go by and it ain't done.

Just the fact that I'm writing this instead of doing the brake job I started attests to the fact that it ain't goin' nowhere fast. It's up on jackstands, wheel's off. Brakes sitting next to it. Probably get to it in a week. Or two.

Why am I telling you this? Why do you care?

You shouldn't care! Now get off your lazy ass and go do something constructive already!

(he he he)
-Chris P