Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A jealous idiot from the past tries to irk me & fails, as usual

There exist many a-holes in the world, some of which are tolerable, others who just need to be tied in a sack and thrown in the river with a few cinderblocks.

One such moron, an ex-employee who got fired for being talentless, egotistical and arrogant (a bad combination) decided to take out his frustrations on his failed life by leaving a nasty (laughable!) little drunken comment on one of my blogs. Mind you, this imbecile asserted that he was a 'writer', but you wouldn't know it from his lack of grammar skills, amount of typos within, and all-around ineffectiveness of his post (and come to think of it, his work!)

I feel sorry for people like this. He's failed at his marriage, failed as a father, failed in his career and all-around failed in life. As he approaches 60, it must be hell for him to realize his lifetime was a complete waste. I supposed he believed it would make him feel better to attack me, randomly, well over a year since he got fired and I last reprimanded him, on my blog. I suppose he is mostly jealous that I, many years younger than him, have accomplished so much more. C'est La Vie.

(You may be thinking, "If he's writing about this, it must have gotten under his skin". Well, the only thing that got under my skin was that this jackass was way too chicken to ever say any of his rant to me in person; he chose to be sneaky (that is his way, always has been) and tried to humiliate me on a public forum, instead of man to man (or man to weasel, in his case). I guess he was too stupid to realize I was easily able to delete his rant and block him from commenting again.)