Monday, December 14, 2009

Charlie Brown Christmas at the Tiki Bar

I'm in a groovy mood, so no evil rants tonight.

Ok, for some fun stuff...I wrote a nice little post at Tiki Lounge Talk ( about the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, and why it's so special, especially to me.

• Couple of kookie things to mention: The CB special is from 1965. So for kids like me who were kids when this was still new...well, it's 44 years old now. Krazy huh? Talk about Retro!

• I have a dog named Snoopy. He is not a beagle.

• One of the first songs I ever tried to play on the piano was "Linus and Lucy" aka the Peanuts song. I was terrible at it. 30+ years later, I am an accomplished jazz sax player, but I still can't play this on the keys.

• I have a big, shiny aluminum Christmas tree.

Don't forget to stop by the tiki bar for a Christmas Drink!

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