Friday, March 19, 2010

Tiki Culture in America

A lot of people have been asking me questions about Tiki Culture in America (As if I were some sort of expert on the subject, just because I'm the author of Tiki Lounge Talk). Well, I don't report to be an expert on anything, but I do know my way around a Mai Tai. So, my newest project is to add a page to TLT explaining what Tiki Culture is to those who've not yet been fortunate enough to live it.

I've done a decent amount of research on the subject, much of it being behind my Tiki Bar researching rums. It's not going to be a long history of Tiki, just the major points along the way, something about its heyday, and of course the resurgence and what it means today.

Look for the new page on Tiki Lounge Talk early next week.
-Tiki Chris, reporting from the Pirate's Cove Tiki Bar, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

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