Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool list of scary movies on tiki lounge talk has a new post with a list of kool old ghost movies for halloween. Stuff you may have heard of but not seen, stuff you may not of heard of but should see. Check it out.

Halloween Decorating: I'm an insane goofball when it comes tho Halloween. I started having Halloween parties in 1986, and have one every year in one form or another ever since. When I had my dinner theater and jazz band in Atlantic City in the 90's, I'd invite all the crazy musicians and actors I knew. Now that I'm in south Florida with my wife, we've lost contact with the entertainment crowd, but have befriended exotic dancers, models, and people engaged in various alternative lifestyles that come together to make the party a big hit.

This year the theme is "Disco of Death at Studio 13". The premise is that a Manhattan disco in the 70's has been taken over by punker zombies. Then the zombies all go to CBGB's and leave the disco for the dead disco dancers. I went bananas with the decor...Turned the TV console into a DJ booth with a skeleton DJ, turned the front entrance of the house into the entrance of the abandoned discotheque, and turned my guest bathroom into the men's room from CBGB's (if you don't know why, you just don't know why). Middle room is a butcher shop with body parts everywhere, kitchen (which already looks like a 50's diner) is the "Chock full of Guts" coffee house. Yes, I am nuts. But it's a gas, baby!

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