Monday, September 21, 2009

Another cool Vampire Killing Kit on ebay

Attention Vampire Slayers, Demon Hunters and VanHelsig fans...If you've ever wanted a real piece of Goth art, the kind that makes your pale, black-haired friends green with envy, an authentic VAMPIRE KILLING KIT by renowned gothic artist Crystobal is for you!
His latest is featured on ebay here: CRYSTOBAL'S VAMPIRE KILLING KIT. He's started the bidding low and set the reserve low on this one so some lucky vamp hunter can get it in time for Halloween. The last one (see older post below) went for $430. This one is a little larger and should command a slightly higher price.
I've know Crystobal for a long time. The cat's as crazy as a freakin' loon. He used to make Spoon Jewelry and Sand Candles back in the 70's. He made zip-guns in the old days. He used to create all kinds of spooky stuff for theme parties & haunted castles all over south jersey back in the day. These days he sits around his home in Florida, mostly complaining about how old he's getting, and that his hot rod never runs right. In between complaints he still builds some really intense stuff, like this kit. This one, named "Jezebelle" (he names all his kits after evil women of history and literature) contains the following:

• Incredible Antiqued Chest-Style Box with Coffin-Nail cross decorations, very Gothic in style and made to look 100+ years old.
• Vintage style 19th Century Dagger
for display purposes only. (Must be 18 years or older to purchase this kit due to the knife.) Knife has been antiqued to look used, with remnants of Vampire blood dried on the blade.)
• Four (4) Hand-Made Black Wooden Cross Stakes with Leather binding straps, sharpened to points and antiqued to look very ancient and well used. Dried Vampire blood appears to have stained the crosses!
• Handmade Wooden Vintage-Style Rosary Beads with Cross to match the stakes. • One Unique Leather-Bound Antiqued Mirror (for Testing Vampire's Reflection) • One Vintage Holy Bible (at least 60 years old) • Two Corked and Wax-Sealed Bottles to hold Holy Water (Look as if the water has evaporated and the bottles clouded with age. You can add your own Holy Water & re-seal with candle wax) • One Corked and Wax-Sealed Bottle of Rock Salt for destroying the Vampire's resting place • One Corked and Wax-Sealed Bottle of Consecrated Earth for destroying the Vampire's resting place
• One Antiqued Box for storing garlic cloves
• One Large Black Goth-style Candle • One Leather-Bound Box of Vintage Style Matches
• Six Vintage Coffin Nails in a Hand-Made Vintage-Style Leather Satchel
• One Pamphlet on the Destruction of the Beast by CRYSTOBAL
• One Very Old-Looking Paper Imprinted With The Exorcism Prayer, complete with blood stains
• One 36" Length of Sterling Silver Chain for Disabling the Vampire

Anyone interested in learning more about Crystobal and his art can check out my Stardust Mysteries site at

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I appreciate it. You've got a cool blog. This is really awesome. I love this kit.